EQAO wth R&W

  • EQAO Teacher Sheets Document Guide
  • EQAO Teacher Sheets Video Guide
  • R&W Strategies for Test-Taking
  • Working with a Scribe

  • OSSLT with R&W

  • Official YCDSB OSSLT Website
  • OSSLT Teacher Sheets Document Guide
  • OSSLT Teacher Sheets Video Guide
  • Read&Write Strategies for Test-Taking
  • Test/Exam Taking with R&W

  • Test/Exam Best Security Practices (Google Docs + R&W)

Read and Write

    Getting Started

    • Update Chromebook OS
    • New SEA Chromebook Login
    • How to Sign in and out of Google Chrome Video
    • How to Sign into Google Chrome Instructions
    • How to Sign out of Chrome on a Shared Computer
    • Signing in to more than one Google Chrome Account
    • How to use R&W Info Guide
    • 808 Audio Headset Guide
    • Headsets Not Connecting Tips
    • How to Install R&W
    • R&W for Google Overview
    • R&W for Google - An Introduction

    Tools & Features of Read & Write

    • Speech Maker --R&W for Google
    • tudy Skills and Vocabulary Builder Tools--R&W for Google
    • Highlighting & Collecting Highlights
    • Voice Notes Tool in Google Docs--R&W for Google
    • Speech to Text Tool--R&W for Google
    • Word Prediction Tool--R&W for Google
    • French Settings--R&W for Google
    • Detailed Video of R&W for Google Features

    Using Read & Write with PDF

    • New R&W PDF Viewer How to
    • R&W PDF Google Classroom Integration
    • Block Zones from Reading in PDFs
    • PDF Reader Comment with Voice Notes
    • More PDF Accessibility
    • R&W Screenshot Reader Tool
    • Create a TextBox in Read & Write PDF/Kes Viewer
    • Save Work Outside of Google Drive from R&W PDF Viewer
    • Set Read & Write as the Default PDF Viewer in Google Drive
    • Support for Reading PDF\'s and ePub\'s- R&W for Google

    Using Read & Write on the Internet

    • R&W Screenshot Reader Tool
    • Support for Web Pages- R&W for Google
    • Simplify and Summarize Web Pages- R&W for Google

    Additional Support

    • R&W Highlighter Meanings
    • Intro GAFE/R&W for Google Chrome to Parents
    • R&W Quick Reference Guide
    • R&W for Google Quick Tip Sheet V4
    • R&W for Google Quick Tip Sheet V3
    • R&W for Google Quick Tip Sheet V2
    • R&W for Google Quick Tip Sheet
    • Support for Google Docs- R&W for Google
    • Support Database Help Centre
    • R&W ePub Gutenberg Free E-Books


  • Downloading Mindomo
  • Mindomo Direct Download
  • Mindomo Support Cheat Sheet
  • Mindomo YouTube Channel
  • Mindomo Assignments Overview
  • Mindomo Map Print Guide
  • Exporting Your Mindomo Map to a Google Doc
  • Mindomo Map Import Guide
  • EQAO Mindomo Map Import Guide
  • No Speech to Text Workaround
  • Speech Template
  • Test3 Rs Template (EQAO)
  • Justify Template (EQAO
  • List Template (EQAO)
  • Main Idea Template (EQAO)
  • Power Writing Template (EQAO)
  • Similarities and Differences.mom
  • Summarizing Template (EQAO)
  • Persuasive Essay Template
  • Plot Diagram Template
  • Sequential Writing 2 Template
  • The Elements of a News Article Template


    • Information & User Guides


    • Information & User Guides
    • Google Drive OCR
    • How to Install Snapverter
    • Files are stuck in the Drop Here to Convert Folder
    • R&W for Google Chrome - Using Snapverter
    • Using Snapverter on Your Phone
    • Scan to Text Accesible PDF
    • How to Get the Best OCR Results
    • TextHelp File Converter

Google Classroom

  • R&W PDF Google Classroom Integration
  • Block Zones from Reading in PDFs
  • Help and Support for Educators
  • Classroom Calendar Help
  • Classroom 101 Video

Google Apps

  • Google Mail 21C Help
  • Google Docs Voice Commands
  • Creating New Contacts & Groups
  • Prompt Students to Make a Copy of a Google Doc
  • GAFE Video Playlist
  • Google Docs for Beginners
  • 6 Tips to Master Google Drive
  • Introducing the Redesigned Google Drive
  • Google Calendar


  • Clicker Sets
  • Clicker Documents
  • Clicker Edit Mode
  • Clicker Preferences
  • Clicker Quick Wizard
  • Clicker Word Predictor

Communicate In Print

  • CIP Getting Started
  • CIP Documents to iPad
  • Support Videos


  • WordQ Videos

Promethean Panel

  • Promethean ISA Support


  • Inspiration 9 - Complete Overview
  • Quick Tour of Inspiration 9 Software